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The new Gas Tank Neck Extension

is one of the handiest tools invented specifically for the Model A Ford. It makes filling or adding gas to your vehicle easy using a modern nozzle. Shown above the Gas Tank Neck Extension is in place and the gasoline is being delivered to the tank. The nozzle is set on automatic, and will shut-off when the gas reaches the tip of the nozzle which is about 1 inch into the tank. Made with pride in the U.S.A.

Today's pumps click off so quickly that fueling was a royal pain without the neck. I bought mine a while back. I use it EVERY time I fill up the tank. My '30 Town Sedan has dual cowl spares, and I have to lean over them to fuel up. I rest the nozzle on the side of the neck, which helps me get fuel in the tank and keeps it off the cowl. 🙂

This is what some of our hundreds of satisfied customers say about their new Model A Ford Gas Tank Neck Extension.


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